En. "Ouissem Moalla (born in Stockholm in 1990) works on the relationship between the collective imaginary and language. His artistic projects are based on the history of sensibilities and mentalities in a variety of spatial and temporal contexts. He questions psychological relationships to the environment, to materials, to forms, to time and more generally, to the various components of the living world.

His work parallels the performative act and ritualization of the production process through imaginary languages. He summons up the body, materials and movement in space using

heterogeneous components."



Fr. "Ouissem Moalla (né à Stockholm en 1990) travaille sur les relations entre imaginaire collectif et langage. Ses projets artistiques s'appuient sur l'histoire des sensibilités et des mentalités dans des contextes spatiaux et temporels variés. Il questionne les relations psychologiques à l'environnement, aux matières, aux formes, au temps et plus généralement aux divers composants du vivant. 

Son œuvre met en parallèle acte performatif et ritualisation dans le processus de production au travers de langages imaginaires. Il convoque à la fois le corps, les matériaux et le mouvement dans l’espace à partir de composantes hétéroclites."


Air_frankfurt: artist talk - Ouissem MOALLA
14. janvier 2023
"On thursday, january 19, our current air_frankfurt guest artist, Ouissem moalla will talk about his artistic practice and his project ideas. the three-month residency in frankfurt is a cooperation with the Ceaac in Strasburg."
Resident artist in Frankfurt Am Main 01/01 - 31/03/2023 - With Ceaac & Basis E.v - AirFrankfurt program
01. janvier 2023
Resident artist in Frankfurt Am Main 01/01 - 31/03/2023 - With Ceaac & Basis E.v - AirFrankfurt program

G.O.L.D : Philosophers' Stone - 2022
12. décembre 2022
G.O.L.D series : Philosophers' Stone - Painting on building Bricks, 21x11x24 cm, 2022
Doors : Tile - 2022
09. décembre 2022
Doors : Tile - Acrylic and Screen Printing on Canvas, 150x70x2 cm, 2022

Doors : Stone - 2022
22. novembre 2022
Doors : Stone - Acrylic and Screen Printing on Canvas structure, 120x100x100 cm, 2022
Doors : Wood - 2022
16. novembre 2022
Doors : Wood - Acrylic and Screen Printing on Canvas, 100x50x2,5 cm, 2022

H Series : Portraits - 2022
03. novembre 2022
New "H Series : Portraits", based on the model's name oil & metallic leafs on wood panel, 2022
Doors : Multi Torii - 2022
29. septembre 2022
Doors : Multi Torii Building brick, Polystyrene insulation board 60x250x120 cm 2022

Doors : Fetish - 2022
06. septembre 2022
Doors : FETISH - Plaster, PVC plastic and stainless steel 35x35x30 2022
Urban Sculpture proposition : Project 72°
01. septembre 2022
Video presentation of the project "72°". A kinetic sculpture entirely based on the 72° angle (division of the circle by 5).

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