22. mai 2017
" The weekends "Ateliers Ouverts 2017" are over, I thank the visitors for the rich exchanges and the interest for the different artistic approaches. For this event the studio has been redesigned as a showroom, presenting works by Raphael Bachir Osman, Six & Ouissem Moalla. Visits by appointment are still possible in the week of May 22-28. Contact me for more information. " " Les weekends ateliers ouverts sont terminés, je remercie les visiteurs pour les riches échanges et l’intérêt...
Performance : "BEHIND THE TEXT"
24. décembre 2016
Performance "BEHIND THE TEXT", at Exhibition "Bla Bla Bla" - 16/11/2016, Atelier BOURGOIS - Mulhouse, FRANCE.