En. «Ouissem Moalla (born in Stockholm in 1990) works on the relationship between the collective imaginary and language. His artistic projects are based on the history of sensibilities and mentalities in a variety of spatial and temporal contexts. He questions psychological relationships to the environment, to materials, to forms, to time and more generally, to the various components of the living world.

His work parallels the performative act and ritualization of the production process through imaginary languages. He summons up the body, materials and movement in space using

heterogeneous components.»


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17. décembre 2019
Le Marché de Noël Motoco s'est terminé avec succès, mais vous pouvez toujours vous procurer les briques GOLD en me contactant via cette page ! The Motoco Christmas Market has ended successfully, but you can still get the GOLD bricks by contacting me via this page!